Our team organizes summer camps for children and teenagers in different mountain areas and not only.

We conquer mountain peaks, visit caves and waterfalls, find out where to sit and how to set up a tent, what plants are edible, how to make a camp fire, prepare ourselves some meals or snacks in the boarding house, grill or kettle, we test our limits in the adventure park and learn dozens of sports and movement games with mountain guides and trainers from Zaiko Adventures.

The Zaiko Adventures camps aim to provide children with an active and creative way of self-knowledge, self-confidence, increasing the ability to adapt to new, discovering new resources or new potential. The framework in which our camps take place familiarizes children with nature and the mountain environment. The activities and games played in the camp develop the children’s motor skills, creativity and spontaneity, and the experiences lived with us will make it easy for them to express their emotions or feelings in a much more open and pleasant environment.

If you want to send your children to a super summer camp, do not hesitate to contact us!

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