If you want to learn correctly and safely the climbing techniques, but also the security manoeuvres used in climbing, sign up for an introductory or advanced course. Our instructors will teach you how to practice this sport or help you progress to achieve the goals you have set. Progress will be much faster and more secure than if you do it yourself!

Initiation courses in climbing last a minimum of one month, but for a correct and complete understanding of the climbing techniques we recommend continuing them for at least 3 months. Each session includes demonstrations and practical applications, through specific exercises.

During the course you will learn:
● how to warm up properly for the activity
● how to secure your partner
● how to use your legs and arms
● how to position your body
● the main climbing techniques
● how to use different types of catches
● the technique of securing the rope head type
● what are the risks involved in climbing and how to avoid them
● top rope / sleeve insurance technique

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