From the green plains that stretch unlimited in the sky, to the hills that carry in their backs the flowering hills and mountains that prick the sky with their seeded ridges, Romania is full of magic. This is the place where God overturned the spell box and forgot to put the lid back on.

Romania is full of cold and crystal clear springs. It is full of fast rivers that run to immortality, whilst their crystalline waves crash into the deafening rocks. It is a house of the Danube, which carries folk stories, right from the Iron Gates… to the place where tired and already overwhelmed by so many thoughts they throw their fast streams into the sea. 

In Romania you will discover landscapes where time stands still, where seconds are taken in their arms by the strands of grass, starting a “hora” at the crack of dawn. Here you will find places where even the Sun in its splendour shyly casts its warm rays, for fear it might spoil the magnificence of the landscapes.

Romania was blessed to make its beads from the Carpathian Chain, which surrounds the treasure of the country: the rich land of Transylvania. From the first steps in the grass bathed in dew and sun, from the first mouth of Romanian air… here you will feel like in a fairy tale. A fairy tale with proud girls and lads waiting for you with the table set, whenever you come to their places.

That is why we, at Zaiko Adventures, can only urge you to discover all these fascinating valuables of Romania and of the people on these realms, in the most sincere and cleanest form we could find.

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