We all dream or dreamt at least once that we fly like birds. In our dream, flight is a smooth movement, a joy and an exaltation of the senses as we have never felt in our daily life, a unique, unforgettable event that will transform us irrevocably.

Well, we’re not far from the truth. The sensation of flight is actually a unique memory for these lucky or brave enough to try free flight. We are waiting for you to discover this sensation along with Zaiko Adventures.

Paragliding in tandem

This is the easiest way to try paragliding for the first time, as it does not require any prior training.

Due to the fact that you fly with someone, tandem flights have a special beauty. It also offers possibilities that you do not benefit from in solo flight. Thus during the flight the passenger can take pictures, film or simply lie back and enjoy the scenery, the gliding specialist being in full control of the flight.

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